First Biofuels Co-op Open House Saturday March 2 in La Farge

Bring It Home Biofuels Co-op Open House
10am — 11:15am, Saturday, March 2
At Organic Valley maintenance facility and HQ
623 Hwy 131, La Farge, WI

The Open House begins at Organic Valley’s maintenance facility with an update on the Bring It Home Bio-fuels Co-op and a brief tour of our first fueling site (which will likely be under construction). We’ll shift to Organic Valley’s Headquarters building for refreshments, a presentation of biodiesel basics, Q & A, and an opportunity to talk with co-op board members.

You can join Bring It Home Biofuels Co-op at the Open House, or at a later date.
Membership is only $25 (for life!), plus an annual fueling fee to cover your co-op’s overhead.

Questions? Just email bringithomebiofuels  (at) gmail(dot)com


  • Renewable
  • Locally-produced
  • Affordable
  • Earth-friendly fuel
  • Made from vegetable oil
  • Available soon in Vernon County!

Fuel any diesel motor with biodiesel. It improves performance, cleans fuel tanks and fuel injection systems, increases fuel lubricity, and reduces harmful emissions. Now it will be available locally, year-round, in blends appropriate for our seasonal temperature variations.

Learn more at our Open House prior to our 1st Annual Member Meeting!

A group of farmers and other diesel users have formed a buying co-op to bring reliable, affordable supplies of biodiesel to La Farge this spring, with Viroqua and other locations possible in the near future. Through our partnership with Organic Valley, we will be able to keep the price of this local-economy, renewable fuel below that of petroleum diesel at the pump. Save money, reduce dependence on foreign, long-distance oil, reduce air pollution and improve the life of your equipment with a single buying decision.


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