Open House and 1st Annual Member Meeting

Bring It Home Biofuels Co-op held an Open House on March 2, prior to its first annual meeting, which was attended by a couple of dozen community members.  The Open House started at the Organic Valley Maintenance Building with a welcome from Bob Goonin, President of the newly formed cooperative.


Goonin focused his remarks on the purpose of the new Co-op, including making biodiesel affordable and locally available to members.  In 2013 the biodiesel will sell below the market price of diesel ($.20 per gallon lower for B99 during the warm season).  He talked about the collaboration with Organic Valley, which is funding the construction of the fueling pump in La Farge for its truck fleet and with Sunpower, the producer of the biodiesel, based in Eau Claire.

Next Zach Bierman described how each member will have a ‘Prokee’ that is inserted into the fueling station and a password, to ensure only they can access the fuel that will be billed to their account twice a month.  Zach then led a walk around of the future site of the biodiesel fuel pump, which is expected to be operational in May.


After relocating to the Organic Valley Headquarters building, Jerry McIntire and Rob Steinhofer made presentations on the benefits of using biodiesel in vehicles, and the basics of the production process.  Rob emphasized the regional location of our supplier, Sunpower, and the quality of their ASTM certified biodiesel.


Membership Agreements and 2013 Fueling Agreements were available.  Several community members joined for the one-time $25 fee, which entitled them to participate in the member meeting and to vote.

After the Open House, the Bring It Home Biofuels Co-op members sat down for their 1st annual meeting.  Goonin introduced the head of each of the subcommittees and each made a brief report on their current activities.  These included:

  • La Farge Fuel Site:  Zach Bierman
  • On Farm Delivery:  Becky Comeau
  • Viroqua Fueling Site:  Rob Steinhofer
  • Outreach and Education:  Jerry McIntire


The members of the temporary Board that helped Bring It Home Biofuels come to life were thanked for their service, and a new Board was elected.  The new Board members are:

President:  Bob Goonin

Vice President:  Byron Gillespie

Secretary:  Becky Comeau

Treasurer:  Angie Berstein

Board Members:  Zach Bierman, Chris Mahon and Jim Small


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