1st Farm Delivery complete, La Farge fueling site to open soon

The big news in the early Spring was that we completed our first direct farm delivery route on May 3.  Sunpower delivered 2,000 gallons of biodiesel to six of our member farmers for $3.34 per gallon off-road and $3.84 for on-road.  With diesel fuel prices headed higher this was a very timely benefit for these farmers.

One of those farmers said afterwards, ‘as one of those first 6 i can say that i’m happy to have the fuel…my tractor smells good again!  the price and service were awesome.  thanks!’

Looking ahead, the exciting news is that Organic Valley’s La Farge fueling site is scheduled to become operational in mid July.  The 5,000 gallon tank will hold ASTM certified biodiesel – B99 during the warm spring and summer months, and B20 during the colder season.

Our members will receive a discounted price at the pump, in line with Organic Valley’s pricing agreement with Sunpower.  As was true of our first farm delivery, we anticipate this price will be below the local market price of diesel.  

Stay tuned for details!




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