2014 – the year in review

The final totals are in, and Bring It Home Biofuels coordinated the bulk delivery of 13,450 gallons of biodiesel to area farms, maple syrup operations and residences for home heating use in 2014. That is more than 6 times the 2013 level.

The Organic Valley Chaseburg fuel pump is now operational, and carries a B5 blend that is available to our members at a $.05 per gallon discount. In addition to the Chaseburg area, the fuel pump makes biodiesel easily accessible to folks who live and work in the southern part of the La Crosse. The La Farge biodiesel fuel site continues to offer B20 during the cold months, and B99 during the warm weather.

We are working with SunPower, the Wisconsin producer of our high quality fuel, to make biodiesel available to our members in the Viroqua area this spring. We’ll keep you posted!

Our Annual event has been set for March 7. We’ll provide an update soon with the details on location, time and the agenda. The annual membership meeting is scheduled for March 21. Again, details to follow.


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