Progress in 2015

As our educational event and annual meeting in March, there were concerns about SunPower’s ability to weather a perfect storm of negative economic conditions. Over 25 people attended our March meeting, and much was learned about the economics of biodiesel, as well as its benefits for all diesel engines.

However, SunPower is back on its feet, and more committed to our Southwest Wisconsin area than ever before. They have moved their 9,000 gallon mobile tank to our area, and local deliveries from there to our members are starting in the coming week.

So far in 2015 Bring It Home Biofuels has coordinated the bulk delivery of over 5,100 gallons of biodiesel to members. With more in the pipeline awaiting local deliveries to begin.

SunPower is also taking steps to set up a Viroqua based biodiesel fueling site accessible to our members. We hope to have news soon – stay tuned.

Finally, we have begun to explore starting a local pilot for biodiesel production. This would be a important step toward true fuel self-reliance in our agricultural community.


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