March 26 Educational workshop

Bring It Home Biofuels Co-op and UW Extension co-sponsored an educational workshop on Saturday, March 26 that was attended by 25 community members.

Gene Schriefer, UW Extension Agricultural Agent spoke about the historical context for biodiesel, which included a flashback to the fuel rationing and long lines in the 1970s when access to Mideast Oil dried up.Today the price of petroleum diesel is very low, but with the stage of easy, cheap drilling of oil having passed, Gene warned that higher prices are inevitable.

Eric Hamilton of Circle Energy shared his experience with both biodiesel and straight vegetable oil. Eric also brought in an oil seed press for folks to see.

One other highlight was Jim Small bringing over the SunPower fuel truck to pump B99 biodiesel to member totes and vehicles. Filling your bulk fuel tank on the farm is no harder than this!