About Us

Bring It Home Biofuels Co-op was formed in the fall of 2012, in rural southwest Wisconsin. Our goal is to source affordable, high quality, local or regionally produced biodiesel for our members.

Bring It Home Biofuels has sourced biodiesel (both B99 and B20 blends) for our members since 2013.  To date members have received bulk delivery of over 45,000 gallons.

Starting in the spring of 2017 members are now receiving biodiesel produced locally at Walsh Biodiesel in Mauston. Mike Mageland of Mageland Oil & Fuels LLC based in Viroqua is now handling bulk delivery. Mike can deliver B20 and B100, on or off road.

For pricing and schedule coordination contact Mike at (608) 637-3676.

Petroleum diesel continues to be sold at a very low price by historical standards. Even so, biodiesel has been consistently below the price of diesel at the Organic Valley biodiesel pumps.

We are in this for the long haul and believe that eventually petroleum diesel prices will spike. We continue to build a foundation of local partnerships and trusted relationships that will be needed to protect our energy independence in the future.

Lifetime membership starts at $25.  Each member gets one vote in the cooperative. Drive up, retail fuel is available at Organic Valley biodiesel pump in both La Farge and Chaseburg.

For further information you can use this form and we will be contact you by email.  The membership and fueling agreement forms are available on our How to Join page.