Bulk delivery: we source biodiesel for our members. This may be B100 or B20 during the warm seasons, and B20 during the cooler weather.

We have selected Walsh Biodiesel out of Mauston as our current supplier. Walsh is a local producer using locally grown crops. Their biodiesel exceeds the ASTM specification, which assures our members of high quality biodiesel.

Our partner for bulk delivery is Mageland Oil & Fuels out of Viroqua, WI. Contact Mike Mageland at (608 637-3676) for pricing information and to arrange your bulk delivery.

Retail drive-up fuel (La Farge and Chaseburg):  Fueling stations are available to members. The process is basically the same as any other fuel station – the price and biodiesel blend are posted, you pay by credit card and get a receipt. Just select pump 1 with the smaller nozzle for cars. llon.

The Organic Valley La Farge pump is located behind the Maintenance building on N. Mill Street/Highway 131. Avoid filling up from 3 pm to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, as that is when the Organic Valley truck fleet is fueling up.

Retail drive-up (Chaseburg): The pump is located at the old School at 377 N. Main Street, less than half a mile from town. Avoid filling up from 3pm to 5pm, Monday through Friday, as some of the Organic Valley milk truck fuel up then.